Calou Designer Shoes

Calou Designer Shoes Calou designer clogs are inspired by tradition and innovated to meet modern design aesthetics. Founded back in 2005, this brand came to life when Carina Ek Werderitsch looked at her clogs in a new light. By maintaining quality Swedish craftsmanship in her designs, Carina was able to create stunning designs that were truly ahead of their time. Today, Calou clogs remain ahead of the trends in the modern fashion industry, so you can feel confident whenever you wear them.

At Shoe Spa, we offer a wide range of Calou designer shoes for you to choose from, with colors and patterns made for every occasion. All Calou clogs are built to be durable, so you can wear the same pair for years without issue. Check back for even more designer clogs in upcoming collections, and you'll soon wonder what took you so long to get them!

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