Pikolinos Women's Comfort Shoes


Pikolinos Woman's Comfort FootwarePikolinos is a brand with a lot of personality. Each and every style is unique with many years of experience put into the design, fit and quality of their footwear. They have been operating for more than 30 years, and do most of their own tanning and almost all of their own production in Spain. However, some of it now comes from Africa, and we loved and bought some of these African made sandals. Hundreds of Maasai women in Kenya and Tanzania can be found hand-embroidering the pieces of leather for Pikolinos. 

Being based in Spain the styling and composition of Pikolinos shoes reflect the Mediterranean lifestyle and laid back nature of the regions people which is very much akin to the lifestyle in the greater Palm Beach area. They are famous for sandals and thongs of many types of styling including heels as well as wedges. Supple leathers, sun washed colors, fashionable styling, lower heel heights and comfort qualities all make Pikolinos a go to shoe.

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