On Foot Designer Shoes

With more than 50 years of experience under its belt, On Foot came to life in 2003 with handmade shoes made in Spain! The mission was to make hand-crafted shoes while including a large amount of technology and innovation. Each pair of shoes by On Foot passes through more than 100 hands during its handmade construction, before finally making its way to the shelf for you to find and try on! On Foot, designers combine craftsmanship and innovation as a foundation to creating long-lasting, durable, comfortable footwear.

Sandals, sneakers, boots, flats you name it, and On Foot has it! The selection of On Foot women's designer shoes is the perfect style for the woman who loves comfort and casual attire just as much as style and design. The On Foot women's designer shoe brand is truly the go-to shoe for the stylishly casual woman!

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