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A.S.98 Designer Shoes

The Shoe Spa is proud to be a retailer of A.S.98, a company began by father-son team, Piero and Christian Olioso, and renowned Italian company, Olip. A.S.98 is a unique brand powered by unique designers. Their shoes are made in both Colà di Lazise - near Verona - and Bosnia with materials from specific tanneries in Italy who produce a specific, very high-quality leather that is a signature in all of their shoes. Olip and A.S.98 are known for the signature Italian craftsmanship, the rugged features, and the unique, exciting details.

The Shoe Spa is excited to bring you such a high-quality, comfortable fashionable shoes from a company that takes such pride in their work. Browse the collection online or visit us in-store to get your new pair of designer shoes from A.S.98.

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